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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Walking around

I gotta admit it, it's nice to be back. Walking down Market Street, it's a lovely medley of the old and the new. The ROOST really jumping with lots of serious people working. John Smith's Birdstone antique store,as dark and elegant and mysterious as it always has been. What happened to the long list of Northamptonites who were on his marijuana customer list? Evidently antiques do not a lifestyle support, at least his. Maybe it wasn't an antique store after all but a cunningly disguised medical marijuana dispensary hidden in our antique belt. Joe's Pizza and the laundromat, the linchpins that hold our world together. Nothing in those two places changes. This morning the delivery guy from the paper company had to prop up the delivery door at Joe's when he left; it looked like someone had torn it off its hinges. Then there's Gabriel's books, with a diverse dollar table outside where you can always see something irresistible. Then there's the Whoo space at 11 Market Street, a cool place for artists to show their stuff. But they come and go so fast you really need to make snap decisions. IKEA knock-down tables a plus for exhibitors. Wait a couple days to decide you want that sculpture and someone new might be in there. Rent it for a week for $150.00 or rent it by the hour. Carolyn Clayton closed her art installation tonight,WITHIN RANGE. It was there from at the WHOO from the 2nd to the 13th. Lu and I participated, paying $30.00 for two hand-made walkie-talkie sculptures, and getting a blind platonic date at the Whoo storefront. Both of us got former Hampshire students to talk with and drink coffee with. What gives? Do Hampshire alums have an affinity for social experimentation {SE}? Should coffee shops everywhere have tables reserved for SE and hire Carolyn Clayton to fix up people who want to try out talking with strangers for a change instead of staring at their computers?
Carolyn Clayton        
Just three months away and the Main/Pleasant Street quadrant has been almost totally remodeled, and is mobbed nightly with people we don't know who seem to have money and love to be seen having dinner at the outside tables. Great art in the galleries, but expensive art. A mysterious storefront on Pleasant Street that seems to be selling tea-based compounds. Up on Center Street the huge Police station is coming along. A gigantic police station,a huge fire station, a huge elder services building, and less money every year to keep them inhabited. Clare, wherever you are,hang your head. People who see me coming give me some kidding. "You're still alive? They must be losing their touch, Kirby." said one wit, another one commented that the Greek Mafia must be a more forgiving bunch that the Genoveses. For next time : When a so-called "made man" and a Capo in the Genovese crime family ran one of our restaurants downtown and the Gazette never noticed anything he was up to except to give him a rave notice on the Italian cookbook he wrote. And then Felix had a great idea to get the boys together and kill Al Bruno, who evidently was getting soft and non-threatening in his old age.